BE 76 – Global Graduate Development Program – Buenos Aires

Empresa responsable de la busqueda:Michael Page para Spirax
Nombre del Puesto:Global Graduate Development Program
Carrera/s destinataria/s:Todas las Ingenierias
Descripción del Puesto:Our 2- year programme involves four 6 monthly placements in various areas of our business and will typically involve time spent in product development, research, testing, manufacturing, sales and a 6 month placement in an operating company abroad to give wider experience of our business. All of this sounds pretty exciting when you think about what you will gain; interacting with customer and business stakeholders, accessing in depth knowledge and expertise in engineering and business.
Competencias valoradas:Throughout the 2 years (and beyond!) you will be mentored and trained by both experienced managers and graduates who have been where you are now. Once you have completed your 2 years, you will seek out a role in your preferred area of the business. The support doesn’t stop there either, you will have built a support network and we will work with you to continuously develop your career.
Sueldo:55,000 – 65,000
Carga horaria:Full time
Lugar de trabajo (ciudad, provincia, país):Buenos Aires
Fecha de Cierre:01/08/19
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